This whole apartment hunting thing is not my forte. I've always been Mommy and Daddy's little princess. They fix my problems, they find me solutions. My father also happens to be able to talk his way out of a deal with the devil. I have not acquired this ability. People tell me something is a good deal, and I believe them, even if I am skeptical. How am I supposed to know?
I still live in the dorms. I've lived there for three years and it is time to gtfo. I love the dorms. For the past two years, I have lived in Celani, the newest dorms. They are awesome. Like mini-apartments. We get our own bedrooms and everything. Problem? We pay up the a** for it. Thus, the time to find an apartment has arrived!
So, we took on this project, determined to get real pictures and real reviews from people who lived in these places. We wanted the good, the bad and the ugly.
Most people complain about something or other in their apartments. The air conditioners suck, the management sucks, they drain every cent of your security deposit, the drivers try to kill you, you know, the usual.
But this was a pretty cool way to find out the good things about all of the typical places.
Unfortunately, we didn't have very long to do the project. I wish we would have had more time and more people participating in our surveys.
I must say, nothing struck me as a "OH GOSH, I WANT TO LIVE THERE!" place. I suppose that's the price you have to pay in a college town. Nothing cheap is any good. And apparently, nothing expensive is either.

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