Bluegrass Overview

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Bluegrass, or Bustedgrass?

Bluegrass Apartments have been rated by real residents with real complaints.

Bluegrass may offer a silver platter to its residents, but the management will not put up an effort to keep it shiny. 

The apartment complexes have private bathrooms, washers/dryers, dishwashers and even full furnishing. Their amenities include a 24-hour gym, free tanning, basketball and volleyball courts and a pool and hot tub. However, the hot tub is never open, there are a total of two tanning beds for the entire complex and the apartment kitchens are small and narrow. Also, don't expect a key for apartments. The front doors are hotel-style locks, complete with key cards.

Rent is typically around $400 per person, per month, and $45 in utilities. 

Although Bluegrass is one of the pricier apartment complexes, residents are not paying for management services. They say management is incompetent. Employees of the apartments do not know what jobs they are supposed to be doing. The maintenance response time is very poor, and they overcharge for everything they can.

Bluegrass is a party neighborhood, but it may be difficult to find a particular party. The buildings all look the same, and the parking lot is confusing to drive through.

All in all, residents only rate Bluegrass Apartmets four of 10 stars.