Jamestown Resident Review

Lindsey, Jamestown resident 1year, 2 bedroom apartment

1.What do you like most about living in your apartment?
 The only thing that I like about livng at my apartment is that the rent is cheap.

2. What do you like the least?
The thing that I like least is that it is really small, no place to put things. Everything in here is really cheap, walls are cracking, walls are paper thin, you can hear everything. The water temperature sucks, it is either too hott/too cold.

3. Please list the amenities
 Laundry room...........

4. Whats the neighborhood like?
There are a few party people, it is generally pretty quiet though.

5. How much do you pay for rent?
$290/per person

6.Any how much in utilizes?
 Any where between $30-100...depending if it is winter or not

7.Overall do you like the layout of your complex?
 ITs okay...there are two areas, which don't connect to each other which is really werid.

8.Hows the office staff and maintenance?
 They are pretty helpful i guess. i dont really go to them much though. Everyone is pretty friendly

9.Is there a s Yes there is a shuttle...not too far from campus.

10. No hidden fees or secrets...I just wouldn't reccommend this apartment to anyone. I was not pleased with it at all. Everyting is breaking and we will probably have to pay for all the cheap stuff that they put in!


Cassie G., Jameston resident 2 years, 5 bedroom townhouses

1 .) I like house spacious the living room and kitchen are and I like having a dishwasher and washer and dryer.

2.) I don't really like the location, its a lot further from campus and it comes with a pretty rowdy crowd of neighbors.

3.) In my complex specifically we have washer, dryer, and dishwasher.... See More

4.) Mostly party people, especially my neighbors.

5.) I think the rent averages around 300/month

6.) It varies depending on how often we use the heat or air conditioning. This past month it was only 10 bucks each for electric and 3 bucks for gas.

7.) It stinks that one person has to be downstairs..they coulda maybe made it so at least two were down there or something but other than that its not bad.

8.) The people that work in the Jamestown office are AMAZING! They are so nice and always willing to help when we need it. The maintenance people could be better about how quickly they respond to needs.

9.) Shuttle is provided and it's not close to campus. Its usually the first stop picked up and the last one dropped off so its about a 30 minute ride.

10.) If there are..I'm still not aware of them!

Rating: * * * * * * * *

Brittany Z., 3 Bedroom, 3 People

1. What do you like most about living at your apartment?
Fairly cheap price. Cheapest I saw when looking around last year.

2. And of course... what do you like least about living there?
THE INTERNET SUCKS! Avoid any place that uses CMS internet. They blow.

3. What are the specific amenities your complex offers?
Wireless internet (only wireless unless you live in the few designated buildings that don't. but most do.) Community washer/dryer, about one per building square.

4. Whats the neighborhood like? Party people? Quiet? Obnoxious? Criminals?
Usually fairly nice... thursdays through saturdays though people will usually be outside talking really late at night...like SUPER late. but they never get TOO rowdy. Unless it's a big party night like Central/Western or something

5. What is the rent per month?
I pay $280 a month in the one I'm in. There are some higher, and it's lower if you pay it in bigger chunks.

6. How much do you pay utilities per month?
Based on how much we use. At the beginning of the semester it was like $9 divided by 3 people because we didn't use the heat or air conditioning, but in the coldest of winter it was about $90-100 divided by 3.

7. Do you like the layout of your complex?
Ehh..not really. The parking lot is horrible. Every time I turn a corner I almost run into a car because I couldn't see. I see my life flash before my eyes every day.

8. Management/ leasing office/ maintenance - are they helpful?
They're helpful when they want to be. The people in the leasing office always look annoyed, but they seem to work with you fairly well.
Maint. however... we had someone come to fix our fridge when it leaked...didn't work. Come to fix our toilet handle when it broke...didn't work. We had to call and call before they finally sent someone out weeks later to fix them both. It was ridiculous and annoying. But they eventually did get the jobs done to our satisfaction.

9. Is there a shuttle? Is it close to campus?
Yup. Free ICTC straight to campus. There are two bus stops in Jamestown complex.

10. Are there any hidden fees or secrets we need to know about?
Not that I know of. If so, I haven't uncovered them yet.

Lastly, Are there any choice words or last comments you have?
Nah not really. It's not a horrible place to stay if you're looking for somewhere cheap. But if you can splurge about 10-20 more bucks a month, I'd say go somewhere else. Somewhere not owned by United and somewhere without CMS internet.

And, Please rate out of ten stars:
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