Campus Habitat Overview

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Fully Furnished, with Only a Few Things Missing

Resident reviews say Campus Habitat Apartments aren't the best place to live, but they are convenient.

Campus Habitat roughly has a six star rating, just over the 50 percent approval rating. Rent typically runs $400-500, all utilities included. Included in rent amenities is full furnishings in the apartments, including major appliances, couches, tables, all bedroom furniture and a 60 inch TV. Other amenities Campus Habitat offers are free tanning, free parking, laundry, a gym and a DVD library.

While Campus Habitat offers many amenities, there are complaints about quality. Although furniture is included, it is low-quality. Large appliances are included and are reviewed as nice. There have however, been reported issues with plumbing. Complaints range from the toilets running to the sinks clogging easily. And although a washer and dryer are available, there is only one set in each building, and residents complain of them being frequently out of order.

The apartments are open and spacious. The only complaints are the thin walls and the fact that there is only one bathroom in several-bedroom layouts.

Campus Habitat does not offer a shuttle service, but the five-minute walk from campus makes a shuttle unnecessary. As well as proximity to Central Michigan's campus, The Cabin is down the street for those who like pizza and bars.

Management is friendly and tries to be helpful, but it is reported that maintenance is not very timely. Also, the best advice reviewers give is to read the lease very carefully to avoid expensive charges.

Campus Habitat has its good and its bad just like any place, but the residents are split. The convenience and proximity to campus make the apartments a likable place, while the cheap quality of mass-produced furniture and housing is a downfall. If the six star rating is any indication, residents may or may not enjoy Campus Habitat. It appears to be a hit-or-miss kind of place.