Polo Village Overview

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( 8/10)
Limited apartment availability...

...leads to resident exclusivity and love for the complex

Polo Village residents rave that the location of the complex is key, they are right across the rail road tracks from CMU's North campus, and just a few extra steps from the library and the Bovee Center.  The complex itself is small and nestled in the corner behind other apartments, but out of all of the Union Square apartments it has the best reviews. 

The problems associated with Polo Village are that the walls seem paper thin, making things quite noisy if residents are trying to sleep and study. The bedrooms appear to be small, and with the layout of the complex (a town house lay out) someone has to sleep downstairs where there is an enormous draft and cold are always circulating, if your a polar bear this shouldn't be a problem. 

The neighborhood is said to have its fair share of parties which entails large quantities of people outside, usually yelling, so if you  can deal with party people neighbors this might be the place for you. Overall, the residents we reviewed didn't have any juicy details to spill as far as how bad this place was.... We received comments like "I really like living here" and "I wouldn't want to live anywhere else." So you've heard what we had to say, go check it out for yourself.