University Meadows Overview

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( 5/10)
Skip through the Meadows enjoying the amenities along the way...

But watch where you step many fees, harsh rent, and  restrictions could trip you up

Residents emphasize  that the amenities like the pool, hot tub, the work out center, tanning, the business center and the game room are all wonderful benefits the complex includes; however, they do pay for these amenities  every month with rent at over $400 a month.  University Meadows markets themselves very well with beautifully painted buildings. The subdivision layout of this complex to the untrained eye looks like a luxurious place to live. 

From a resident's point of view the maintenance that helps with the upkeep of these buildings are slow and messy with every visit. The hidden secrets the complex will not tell you about during your tour of their neatly furnished model is the heater is very loud, so loud in fact that speakers have been blown on television sets. The washer and dryer that are conveniently located in the kitchen do not dry clothes until the third turn of the dial, meaning it takes approximately three hours to dry laundry. 

The complex is also pet friendly, but with that is  a price to pay. Yes, pet owners deal with vet bills, food costs and pay for toys for their animal, but University Meadows feels that it is necessary to pay hundreds of dollars to keep a pet in your home, for reasons that are unexplained.  Overall, the resident consensus is that it is a good place to live in general, they just caution to be careful of fees that can be easily assessed, read through the lease and understand how you can be fined.