Lexington Overview

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Lexington Ridge, Home of Sexy Tim

What is it about the 1970's decor that make students want to rent?

Is it their really attractive landlord Tim? Or is it because students have decent rent, bills, and amenities? Lexington offers two to six bedroom apartments and townhouses. With the 24-hour maintenance hot-line, students are able to report problems with their apartment in a quick and speedy manner. Management is quick to help students and fix any problems that they are having with their apartments. 

Student residents of Lexington ridge enjoy free laundry, free cable, internet, shuttle, parking, dishwasher and bussing. For a five bedroom apartment including gas and electric, Meghan D, a one year resident of Lexington, pays $285. While Emilee, a one year resident, only has to pay $350 a month for a two person townhouse.
The complex overall is recommended by students. The complex has a decent party atmosphere with the lack of security, but is often forgotten because it is far from party Central. Although, students feel if the Lexington got an update and got rid of their 1970's style interior, the complex would be more desirable to students. The overall rating for Lexington is 8/10 stars