Polo Village Resident Reviews


Lyndsay, Polo Village, 1year,  3 Person 3 bathroom apartment

1. What do you like most about your complex?

Close to Campus, Personal Bathroom, Clean. 

2. And the least?
The rooms are kind of small, but it's not bad, the walls are pretty thin, so noise can be an issue when your'e trying to sleep and someone else is up. 

3. What amenities come with living there? 
Free Parking Pass, Emergency Maintenance, You can leave your stuff here for $100 over the summer if you resigned; as far as pool/exercise room/ tanning - none of those.

4. Hows the neighborhood? Do you love you neighbor? 
The neighborhood is quiet most of the time, but on the weekends it can get pretty loud - being right next to Washington & Main street. During special events and holidays it definitely is a party area. I don't feel like I need to be cautious of criminals though.

5. What do you pay in rent per month?

6. And utilities?
Electricity - between $14-$17 per person
Gas - between $8-12 per person but it's only on during the winter months (about 4 months)

7. Overall,  how do you like your apartment complex
It's pretty nice, I would say it's pretty uniform to the rest of the United Apt. complexes. 

8. Hows the office and maintenance staff?
 They are always very helpful in any situation. 

9. Is there a shuttle to campus?We do not have a shuttle here, because it is so close to campus. 

10. Any hidden fees we should know about?
There is a signing fee of $100 usually, but if you resign you don't have to pay that again. 

Additional comments:

I feel that this apt. complex is fairly nice and new, I like it a lot and am living here next year!

And, Please rate out of ten stars:
I would give it ******** (8) stars.

Kelsey, Polo Village resident 2 years, 3 bedroom 3 bathroom

1. What do you like most about living at your apartment?
its a really short walk to class, I love that every one has their own bathrooms and that its 3 floors so that you dont feel trapped together. 

2. And of course... what do you like least about living there?
the walls are pretty thin so you can hear your neighbors if they are loud, you can definitely hear the TV through the floor along with cabinets in the kitchen if people dont take care when closing them. OH and we cant have pets!

3. What are the specific amenities your complex offers?
free cable and internet... water is free, everyone has their own bathroom 

4. Whats the neighborhood like? Party people? Quiet? Obnoxious? Criminals?
well its by main street so when its warm out there are parties all the time, not to the point of being obnoxious though. there is always something going on in or around polo 

5. What is the rent per month?
it depends on what payment plan you choose, about 375-400 per month

6. How much do you pay utilities per month?
split between 4 people its usually like 13-15 bucks a person

7. Do you like the layout of your complex?

i like the layout, its not huge so you dont need to explain in complete detail for someone to come visit you

8. Management/ leasing office/ maintenance - are they helpful?

there is a 24 hour emergency line for maintenance so thats helpfull.. the leasing office ladies can be bitches sometimes and i've had people bust into my apartment unannounced to check things... so thats really annoying 

9. Is there a shuttle? Is it close to campus?
no shuttle, close enough to walk to class

10. Are there any hidden fees or secrets we need to know about?
united apartments tries to screw you on everything they possibly can

Additional comments:
there are a few things that need improvements but I really wouldnt want to live anywhere else

And, Please rate out of ten stars:
******** 8/10