Tallgrass Overview

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Tallgrass in a Blade of Grass

The good, the bad and the ugly of Tallgrass apartments laid out in simple terms.

Tallgrass Apartments offer two-bedroom flats, five-bedroom townhouses and everything between. Laundry, dishwasher, internet and cable are all included in rent. It is close to campus, but a free shuttle is provided. Residents pay, on average, $30 each month in utilities and $370 rent. 

The neighborhood of Tallgrass Apartments is reviewed as lively, but not obnoxious. Parties happen often, but are never out of control. 

There are both volleyball and basketball courts among the grassy openings between apartment buildings, as well as a gym for resident use.

The common causes of complaint are the slow internet, excessive amount of speed bumps in the parking lots and although the management is helpful, they are extremely strict about stains on the carpeting.

Tallgrass was given an average rating of seven out of 10 stars.