South Point Resident Review

Brittney H., 5 People

1. What do you like most about living at your apartment?
I live in Southpoint and I like how close it is to campus. You can walk to campus and the SAC. 

2. And of course... what do you like least about living there?
We are right by mission, so its pretty busy and noisy.

3. What are the specific amenities your complex offers?
Free internet, cable and we don’t have to pay for water

4. Whats the neighborhood like? Party people? Quiet? Obnoxious? Criminals?
The neighborhood is mostly party people.

5. What is the rent per month?
Rent is around $300 a month plus utilities.

6. How much do you pay utilities per month?
Utilities are usually $80 all together

7. Do you like the layout of your complex?
I do like the layout

8. Management/ leasing office/ maintenance - are they helpful?
Management is helpful for the most part. They can be frustrating at some times.

9. Is there a shuttle? Is it close to campus?
It is close to campus no need for shuttle

10. Are there any hidden fees or secrets we need to know about?
No hidden fees. Only late fees, they are not very clear until you get one. 

And, Please rate out of ten stars:

I would give southpoint 8 stars out of 10