CopperBeech Overview

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It's a Great Day at the Beech.... Maybe

Students are tired of high bills and poor management.

CopperBeech Townhomes have been praised for their spacious layout, large bedrooms and private full size bathrooms. Although, with increasing rent of almost a $100 in two years, is the space really worth it? Upon moving in residents were charged each a $200 non-refundable cleaning fee. The apartments never appear to actually be cleaned. The management is also allowed to enter your apartment and install smoke detectors, blinds, and make residents pay for them. The apartments claim to have good insulation, high efficiency heating and cooling, high speed internet.  The residents have a different opinion. Many of their electric bills in the winter time reaching over $300 when the heat is at 65 F.

Although, the biggest complaint is parking. CopperBeech has a decent party atmosphere, but is hindered by the security guard that breaks up the smallest of parties(which residents receive a $200 noise violation), and there are only two lots for guests to park in with limited spaces. If residents guest do not park in designated areas, their cars will be towed at an expense of $100. Management has stated they have no affiliation with the towing company, but many residents have said that the management profits half of that. Sophomore resident Payton Willey feels the worst part of living in 

CopperBeech is management's lack of professionalism and cooperation. Her roommates and herself have been threatened by CopperBeech management various times. The complex claims that they are going to take legal action if rent and debts are not taken care of. In both instances it was management's fault for these mistakes, and there was never an apology.  Although, many residents knew the risks of the management when moving in. They just thought the space and appeal of the apartment would trump the bad in the management and parking. 

What the apartments do offer is the option of a furnished or unfurnished apartment,  a spacious shared deck, refridgerator with ice maker, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer/dryer, two full size storage closets, private bedrooms/bathrooms, cable, internet, air conditioning, rec room and a gym. Overall the residents surveyed love all the space, and enjoy the atmosphere of the townhouses, giving the overall rating of 7/10 stars.