Jamestown Overview

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Jamestown one of  the most reasonable rent prices in town

But with a location that is miles from campus gas prices become a price to consider.

Jamestown apartment complex is divided into two different areas, the townhouse area and the two bedroom standard, one floor apartment areas. Both areas are located father down Broomfield making the complex the farthest away from campus. To cater to their residents, the ICTC bus system takes students to and from campus every half hour, so if you're patient the location shouldn't be a big problem. However, driving to campus or work can create a problem. Also if you have a car here, watch out for parking in Jamestown. The parking lots are very narrow, and visitors drive like maniacs, so please use caution entering and exiting the complex.

The amenities are limited to laundry, but do college students really need all that extra stuff in order to be successful? The truth is the average student is only here for four to six years, spending one to two years in the residence halls. If you're living in a complex for only a few years, who cares if you don't have a pool? The residents have a consensus that the staff and maintenance are helpful, and that makes up for the paper thin walls and lack of space along with the older building structures. Overall the philosophy of this complex is you get what you pay for, a living space that is functional and serves minimal purposes, at a reasonable price.