University Meadows had my roommates and I at hello. When we walked into the club house for the first time a puppy greeted us, along with a friendly face anxious to give us a tour. We were so please with their model that we immediately signed the lease with out looking any where else....

That decision as  we would come to find was a poor one on our part. It isn't that the amenities are bad, actually they are the only thing keeping me there. Its the small bedrooms, sloppy maintenance,  fowl smelling dishwasher, and poor customer service of the staff that makes me wish we would have reconsidered this semester. The truth is we are all college students with a thousand things going on, the last thing I want is a phone call waking me up at 9 a.m. on a Saturday, key word SATURDAY morning asking if I am planning to re-sign, or asking if my roommate for next year is planning on signing a lease soon, or bugging me at least four times a week to get something signed. I am a responsible individual that will cooperate with what they ask, they don't have to constantly bug me like my mother. 

They also claim that they are so pet friendly but leave out the fact that you have to put hundreds of dollars down for a  deposit to have an animal, and the owners around the complex are disrespectful and do not clean up dog poop, its disgusting to get a nice waft of dog pop aroma while you hanging out by the pool.

They have free printing as well.... oh but you have to supply your own paper!

And you can party... but say you have a blow out welcome weekend, and forget to bring your beer pong table in from the breeze way "hypothetically speaking," they will charge you a fine of $300 per table!

My last vent of frustration is upon my move out date I received a 13 page packet titled "how not to get a fee upon moving out" is this place so desperate for money that they  have to fine their residents for every little thing? With rent at over $400 a month you wouldn't think so.

Where does all of this extra money go?
I'll have to call in the CSI lab to find out that one, until then i'll be careful to avoid all the fines that I can, then blog my frustration at how much my total fines accumulate to when I move out Saturday.

-Anonymous University Meadows resident :]

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